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Water Park Equipment

Water park equipment drains are usually overlooked and under estimated in terms of their importance, let’s go one step back and consider how the water is going to reach Water park equipment drains. The Water park surface should be graded 1-5 %, this will provide proper flow of water to the drains.
You have to figure out how many Water park equipment are going to supply water to this drain. Therefore you would know how much water the drain is expected to remove from your Water park. You should repeat same process for all their drains or divide your Water park and calculate amount of water needs to be removed from each section of your Water park. Let’s assume you know how much water you are going to remove from each section. Let’s say your Water park equipment in section A will provide 100 GPM, and let’s design and drainage system for this section. We recommend drain grate and pipe capacity should be minimum one and half times of water needs to be removed. Therefore we should be designing the drain system for 150GPM. Let’s look at our options. Below is a table that gives drain pipes water removal capacity.
Pipe size 1% slope 2% slope 3% slope
4 inch 27 38 47
6 inch 75 105 129
8 inch 153 211 265
Based on the table above we could use two 6 inch drain pipes or one 8 inch drain pipe to remove water supplied from your Water park equipment. These are the pipes that are connected to your drain catch basin. Next thing you should be looking at is the catch basin’s grate water removal capacity. Check your manufacturer’s technical spec. One more thing you should be paying attention to is that opening size of that grate, since little children will be playing in your Water park opening size should be limited to 3/8”.
A typical six-inch pipe catch basin size is 12” x 12”, whereas for an 8 inch pipe that catch basin signs would be 18” x 18”. This will give you a quick understanding of Water park equipment drainage system. There are many other aspects of Water park equipment drainage system that has not been discussed in here. We will address those at another time.
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