How to build better water play environments?

How to build better water play environments?

Nirbo designs, manufactures and installs industry leading educational and inclusive water activity towers. Our water park ground sprays provide the finest learning and recreational experiences a child can have. At Nirbo, we offer age appropriate aquatic waterpark equipment to infants, toddlers and school age children. Our designs can turn any setting into a vibrant and developmentally enriching play space. We design our playparks specifically, to enhance learning and to support the growing minds and bodies of children. Our children’s water play equipment is made available in a vast range of styles, sizes and price points to suit your specific needs.

Why a Play environment
When we design water activity towers for our clients, we focus on a rich natural environment as the play setting. Our mission is to design and build a play environment for children of all ages and abilities, which is not only safe for them, but also encourage development is different areas, such as, language and cognitive, social, motor and physical development. When you think of a playground, you think of a happy and a carefree environment. Playing outdoors adds to a child’s social development. Both social development and group interaction take place on the playgrounds. The different type of playground equipment provides to the kids, opportunities to play games, take turns, as well as encourage group games and pretend play.

Building playgrounds that are safe and fun
Nirbo is responsible for a large number of installations under their belt. Our extraordinary record for providing safety equipment has allowed us to become one of the safest water parks slide suppliers in the industry. Our commitment to safety is reflected in every phase of our process, starting from planning what material to use in the aquatic equipment to the strategic design elements.

You can browse through our full range of products and select the option that you feel is fit for your playground. If you are unsure of what water park ground sprays you need, our design consultants will help you determine which products are a good fit for your waterpark, based on your budget, the size of your space, ages of the children the playground would be catering to and the goals of your play area. At Nirbo, we not only manufacture children’s water play equipment, but also design whole play environments as well. Our commercial playground equipment is designed for children of all ages, allowing them to learn proper skills while having fun in the playground.

We start with a complete knowledge of child development and education
We design our playgrounds after extensive research on play, playparks and childhood development. Our design plans address specific age needs and objectives and comprehensive issues. We take into account your input and create aquatic waterparks which satisfy your vision and needs, complemented by our vast experience and manufacturing expertise in this field. Our safety certified installers are experienced and can easily deal with complex issues that come with installation.

Child Play and safety

When it comes to play environments, safety of the children is our top concern. Our main goal is to help the children grow into healthy and happy adults and to help achieve this goal, you should take steps to prevent injuries on the playground. Outdoors provide to the children, a great outlet to release energy. All children are always eager to play outdoors, especially waterparks, but there is always a potential for accidents while playing outdoors. Children often take risks while playing outside. Children should be offered a play environment which is stimulating and challenging, in order to make them explore and develop their abilities, but the environment should be such that the children are not exposed to any risk of injury.
Children have a right to safe play environments, and it is our responsibility as adults and caregivers, to make sure that our children play and grow without the threat of being hurt. Children are sometimes at a great risk of injury; hence it is essential that the play environment and equipment is such that it does lead to severe or fatal injuries among children.
Pools, waterparks, lakes mean cool relief from the hot summer weather, but water can be very dangerous, if the adults do not take proper precautions. Water parks can be a lot of fun for the kids, but only as long as the safety of the child is kept in mind. By taking precautions, adults can ensure that visits to waterparks run smoothly.
Follow park rules: Many accidents that occur in waterparks occur, when children or teenagers ignore park rules. Read over the rules written at the front door as well as the rules posted at every site to ensure a great and safe time with your family.

Obey Weight and Height guidelines: Before letting your child in any of the rides, read all posted signs, telling about the age, height and weight requirements, written in front of each ride. These restrictions exist for safety reasons, so it is very important not to cheat the system. Not following these instructions can lead to serious injury.

Observe the rides: Observe the rides with your children before letting them on any of the rides. They should know what they are going to experience on the ride.

Do not leave children unsupervised: Young children should always be chaperoned by an adult. Whether the kids know how to swim, do not let them out of your sight. Keeping a watchful eye over the kids will keep you vary of any possible dangers that may arise.

Give the kids life vests: Life vests should be given to new swimmers and children who do know how to swim. Life jackets ensure a level of protection, even if you are some distance away.

Establish easy to see meeting spaces: It is very easy to become separated from your children in a large & crowded playpark, so it is important to establish an easy to see meeting place for a “just in case” scenario. Children should be made familiar with the park employees and security.

Teach kids about Safety Measures on rides: Children should be reminded repeatedly about keeping their hands and feet safely inside the equipment while taking any rides. Children, who try to stick out their hands and feet on rides can end up getting injured.

Safety in water: Parents and caregivers should know about their children’s swimming ability and how comfortable they are on rides, before choosing the water rides. Some fast-moving rides can get children dunked in water at the end of the ride, so it is essential that you make sure that the children know how to hold their breath and are comfortable with being soaked or dunked in water.

The waterpark may have rides with varying levels of thrill and different requirements based on physical and mental abilities, so it is the responsibility of the adult supervising the children to know their child’s safety and only then let them participate in the water activity.

At Nirbo, our primary objective is to make your play space fun for years to come. We guide you to keep your play environment in good condition, while preventing accidents, along with discovering and prevention of playground hazards and strategies for playground supervision.

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