Why care about your Water-park’s maintenance?

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Why care about your Water-park’s maintenance?

Nirbo is a professional manufacturer for designing and engineering children’s water play equipment. We specialize in all kinds of water slide equipment, designing water park playgrounds and indoor as well as outdoor playground equipment, for both children and adults. Our main aim is to provide to our clients, custom solutions of planning, designing, installing and operation management. We have successfully completed many projects and each project is planned in a way, to provide quality guest experience and best return on investment. We offer premium water play structures to the highest international standards, which is not only durable, but also safe. We believe in creating the right mix of aquatic attractions in order to provide to the customer, a unique waterpark experience. We incorporate right mix of cutting-edge water slide equipment into our designs to create the perfect water park that attracts people of every age group. Having pioneered the design approach to water park development, our expert team and vertical integration abilities, we are able to handle your concept, from concept through construction, completing your project in time and on budget.

We offer an in-depth approach to planning, designing and building the optimal water park to custom fit all your needs. We offer expertise and flexibility in construction work and cater to all the clients’ needs and desires for a premium experience, along with generating maximum revenue for the client.

Whether you are planning to build a new waterpark, thinking of expanding or renovating an already existing one, we offer planning and concept development services that will help you develop your ideas into a functional plan that works for you. We understand not only your needs and goals, but also the specific requirements of your brand in order to create a water park like no other.

Our park layouts are innovative and address to each and every aspect of your waterpark, starting right from planning to operations. We create waterparks that look good, our in-depth approach takes into consideration best theme options for your waterpark as well.

Beat the Heat with Water parks this summer
When you are heading out for a summer vacation this year, you are guaranteed to find a way to beat the scorching summer heat. And what better way than spending a fun filled day at a water park, which offers fun options for every member of the family. You can spend the day splashing, sliding and cooling off with your loved ones. With water activities suitable for every age group, a water park is one of the best places where you can have ultimate fun with your friends and family.

Extend the life span of your park
Regular Maintenance is an important part of making sure that your waterpark is safe and operates smoothly. Maintenance is important for the clients as it helps to maximize the lifespan of their attractions. Whether you are looking to completely refurbish your project, or looking for water equipment inspection, our in-house team of professional technicians have the expertise to address the specific needs of your waterpark along with providing competitive pricing to the customer. Proper storage of water play structures pays off in many ways. It not only minimizes the maintenance your equipment needs, but also maximizes the life span of your equipment.

Some maintenance tips:
1. It is important to drain all the pipes properly in winter, to avoid changing your gaskets every year. You should take off the bleed cap and drain the water, or it will freeze and expand and look for a way out of the gasket seal.

2. Before operating your equipment, you should first read the operating and maintenance manual for instructions. The operating & maintenance manual gives you every detail you need to know on how to maintain your equipment properly. When you understand how the manufacturer wants you to properly maintain a ride or equipment, your aqua park is more likely to sustain a long life.

3. You should put away your equipment at the end of the season as poor seasonal shutdown can cost a significant amount of time and money when you have to get the equipment repaired or replaced. All this can be avoided if you put your children’s water play equipment away properly.

4. Employ measures that allow you to be pro-active with your maintenance. This helps you to detect any problem which may arise. This will allow time to source components, hence minimizing downtime.

5. It is important to wax the fiberglass flumes of the water slide before and after the season so as to lessen the ultraviolet breakdown and to the riding path of the water slide smooth and slick throughout the season.

6. You should plan ahead. Your maintenance program will only be effective if you have a schedule of tasks and plan on when to complete them. You should put together a schedule of projects to complete and make sure that you complete all the tasks before you hit the target date of the maintenance project. One can avoid missing out on tasks and stay organized by putting together a schedule, which includes details of ordering parts, organizing labor hours and planning out important dates.

7. Label the water equipment joints. More than often, the person walking the slide will not be the one repairing it. Labeling the water equipment joints, make it easier for the person repairing the equipment to identify, log and communicate the exact location of any repair issues.

8. Cover the water slides when performing sanding to the water slides. This will prevent metal fillings from coming in contact with the slides. If you do not cover the water slides, the fillings might become wet and rust, which will lead to additional maintenance.

9. Make checklists. When performing maintenance, it is important to keep a log of the details as you cannot possibly remember everything on your own. These checklists will be helpful in retaining the information when you go to perform the same task in the future.

Even small maintenance mistakes can result in big repair costs. Hence, it is essential to properly maintain the equipment and avoid huge repair costs. Mistake in maintenance can reduce your foot traffic, increase your equipment repair & replacement costs and eat your profit. Common waterpark maintenance mistakes can increase costs and decrease sales in many hidden ways. Some maintenance mistakes people usually make are as follows.

1.Not Budgeting for yearly maintenance: One may be tempted to avoid regular maintenance as a cost cutting measure. But not having regular maintenance will cost you long in the long run. Hence it is important to maintain your parks properly by having an annual budget to meet maintenance schedules.

2.Not repairing or replacing broken equipment: The longer you delay in replacing or repairing broken structures, the more it will cost you in the future.

3.Not maintaining the surface of the water slides: The surfaces of the slides should remain slippery. The ultraviolet exposure and the chemicals in the pool water, result in the slide surface becoming rough. Hence it is vital that you should maintain a regular schedule which includes cleaning, buffing, waxing and repairing the joints of the slides. This will not only improve customer goodwill for the water park but will also help reduce the high cost of replacement.



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