Importance of using good quality Materials in Water Park Equipment Construction

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There is an old saying, “play is the child’s work”. The value of child play is undeniable for little kids. While the process of playing may just look like mere child’s play, but there are a lot of things a child is experiencing and learning. Play not just increases a child’s self-esteem or opens a young mind to new possibilities, but also develops social, verbal, and problem-solving skills among children. From skill building and problem solving to overcoming physical and mental challenges, the benefits of play are immense.

With a lot of importance being given to child play, playground design has advanced dramatically. Traditional playgrounds with isolated metal pieces of play equipment has given way to modern composite structures that are designed to high standards of safety and durability, which create an appealing environment for children to enrich child play. One of the most important decisions that determines the success of your water park project is the water park equipment construction.

Playground materials:

While choosing new equipment for your water park, you will find that different materials are used in the construction of different equipment. It is important to select the correct equipment with the right surfacing and structural materials to fulfil all your needs. The choice of materials has a great impact on the safety, durability and appearance of your equipment. It is important to carefully evaluate material options and consider factors like purpose, cost, maintenance charges, accessibility and appearance while choosing water playground equipment materials. Nirbo, one of the top water park equipment manufacturers, understands the need for you to provide the best, high quality commercial grade products to your guests. We believe that it is what’s underneath that counts. As Occasional falls and accidents are inevitable while playing in water parks, it is important to use equipment that is designed keeping in mind the safety of children. Safe water park equipment cannot totally protect children from getting hurt but can reduce the severity of injury.

Most Important Part of Water Park Equipment Construction:

It is crucial to choose the best water toys and splash pad equipment for your aquatic park or splash pad. The reasons why materials that go in the construction of water playground equipment should be a major consideration in planning and designing your project are given below:

  1. Safety

The main issue for water parks is to not only provide challenging and fun activities to children, but also providing a safe environment for children to play in. When you are looking to design and build a water park, the safety of the guest should be the main priority while purchasing water park equipment. The equipment you choose can have a significant impact on the safety of children playing in the water park. More than often, you can reduce the risk of injuries by using the right kind of equipment. Inferior materials used in water play equipment can present a number of safety hazards like slippery surfaces, heat build-up from sun exposure, hard surfaces that can result in hard landings and injuries, and electrical conductivity that can be a shock hazard. Choosing safe playground equipment made with the best materials that comply with all the playground safety standards is easy when you get your equipment from Nirbo, one of the best water park equipment manufacturers. Our team of designers and engineers take into consideration the safety standards and help you design a safe play area for children.

  1. Strength & Durability

The equipment should not only be safe but should be strong as well. Strong and durable equipment means lower replacement costs, fewer cost on repairs, and low maintenance costs. At Nirbo, we supply water parks, splash pads, spray parks with the most innovative play park equipment and splash pad equipment, along with giving them designing and planning services. We use the best materials, which are strong, durable and corrosion resistant.

  1. Lower Installation Charges

Advanced and superior construction materials, when used in water park equipment, deliver greater strength and durability. Good quality material allows the designers more flexibility in design, which results in making the equipment more fun for your guests. The support structure of advanced materials in a lighter structure is less complex, resulting in lower installation charges and upgrade costs.

All these characteristics are vital while choosing the material for your water park. At Nirbo, we set ourselves apart as one of the only water park equipment designers and builders to develop its equipment with the best material formulations for use in the construction of every water toy we make. Our portfolio consists of a vast range of products that can be a great addition to your water park. All our equipment is made with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant and flame-retardant materials. One of our product range is Ingrounds. As the name suggests, ingrounds are installed in the ground. These are made with the best and most durable materials like stainless steel and brass. Some of the products we offer in our ingrounds range are as follows:

Curved Arch Jets 03705:

This is an inground product which is installed in the ground and looks like an arch jet. Water flowing sideways from several nozzles gives it a very unique and innovative look. this captivating product is guaranteed to attract children of any age towards itself.

Dome Mister 03391:

The Dome mister has a red dome which is installed in the ground. The upward flowing water from the water will have the little children splashing about in the water. It is definitely a great product for your splash park or water park.

Four Liquid Arches 03240:

This product is a variation of arches in our inground product portfolio. It has not one, but four nozzles that eject flowing water in the shape of an arch. Children are sure to love this product and get soaked underneath it.

Four Liquid Cones 03380:

The inspiration of this product is from ice cream cones and the love children have for ice cream cones. It has four nozzles from which water comes out with high pressure. The flowing water looks like four cones,  giving it an enrapturing look. You can have it installed in your water playground or any themed water park to ensure a typical fun environment.

Ground Mister 03144:

Children are fascinated by the misting sprays. This inground product, known as the ground mister ejects water from the ground like a mist spray and provides an eye-catching sight to everyone. A number of these can be installed to make any themed water park look special.

Ground Spray 03141 and Large Ground Spray 03142:

These products are designed to attract the attention of little children in your themed water park. The ground spray has a nozzle configured for producing high-pressure water sprays directed upwards. Large ground spray is another variation of the ground spray in our product portfolio which releases comparatively high-pressure to ensure a fun environment for the children. It throws sprays of water upwards to a great height and will surely be a delight for children. Install the large ground spray along with the regular ground spray to give a diverse look to your themed water park or water playground.

Liquid Tarantula 03239:

Tarantula is one of the species of spiders  and this product is inspired from this insect. This inground product has several nozzles inside the base which ensure a special flow of water on both sides, giving it the look of a liquid tarantula. It can be a very innovative inground product for any themed water park.


Nirbo is the one stop shop if you are looking for any kind of water park or splash pad equipment for your commercial water park. We are proud of offering the best quality equipment made with the best materials in the industry. Browse through our collection of aquatic playground equipment to find a perfect fit for your project.

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