Inclusive Design in Water Playgrounds

Beyond the ramps: Defining inclusive design

Each and every design has the ability to include or exclude customers. The term inclusive design mainly emphasizes on user diversity and thus focuses on including as many people in varying capabilities, needs, and aspirations. The inclusive design lays stress on people of diverse fields and the impact it has on the design decisions. However, the inclusive design does not suggest that the product will cater to the need of the entire population, but would try to include as many people as possible.

The term inclusive started being used in the water playground equipment industry only since the past few years. The playground industry has been designing “accessible” playgrounds for children with different abilities. Ramps were added to the playground structures so that children with mobility issues could have access above the ground. Thousands of dollars were spent on ramping and just provided to the children, a limited area of play, from the ground level to one-foot high deck, with only one or two activity panels. This resulted in the children being unintentionally segregated, left to play by themselves.

What was the change we were trying to ring about by having an inclusive design?
Accessibility is a vital component of inclusive design, but real inclusion takes place only when play space is designed in such a way, that children of all ages and abilities can not only play in the same space but also together, with their friends and families. For instance, swings or seesaws in an inclusive design are designed in such a way that children of any physical ability are safe on them and kids, along with their family members can enjoy the entire play space. Inclusion speaks to the needs and safety of the community as a whole. The inclusive design addressed to the needs of the parents and extended family of the children as well, providing to them comfortable seating and shade areas. It brings the whole community together, forming bonds of friendship and respect. An inclusive place to play together creates a dynamic opportunity to the kids to explore, learn and connect through play. Nirbo, a leading waterpark manufacturer, has splash park equipment, aqua park equipment and products which are inclusive in their structure and design. The water playgrounds and water play structures built by Nirbo are designed for kids of all age groups and abilities. Nirbo – water park equipment manufacturers – products help you built an interactive play environment which is vital for the growth of the young mind.

Traits to look for in a playground build partner
Planning the perfect playground not only requires creativity and vision, but it also needs the right partner to work with. Apart from keeping in mind the budget, the right playground build partner should have the following traits.

1. Prove expertise: The right partner understands the local regulations, knows and adheres to safety requirements and can fund support opportunities. They should know how to solve any challenge that may arise and can provide modern ways to play, specific to the playground needs. Our engineers at Nirbo – water park slide suppliers – offer their expertise and work with architects, designers, and planners to create a safe environment for your children to play in.
2. Demonstrates experience: A partner who knows their work will give you more confidence and trust in the way you will work together with them. Testimonials and case studies can help you know about their experience, and you can relate to the goals you have for your playground. We, at Nirbo, strive to work with you in building the best playground you want, according to your need and budget.
3. Leads and follows: The right partner helps manage timelines, expectations, and challenges throughout the process of building the playground. At Nirbo, we respect your vision and help your project reach successful completion.
4. Inspires creativity: The role of a playground includes nurturing the curiosity and creativity of children of all ages and abilities. Our engineers, planners, and architects at Nirbo think outside the box and include inclusive elements in every design; for instance, the Nirbo Blaster has both lateral movements as well as full motion.
5. Fun to work with: The right partner should be easy to get along with, should be an excellent communicator and is committed to bringing your vision to life with the same zeal as you are. At Nirbo, apart from striving for customer satisfaction and product excellence, we believe that working together should be an enriching experience for you and we make sure that we do the best we can.

Nirbo – a whole new approach to playground
Nirbo offers high-quality water park technology and equipment along with amusement park equipment, designed with modern elements that fit the waterpark you are designing. This new line of playground equipment from Nirbo brings functional design and creative play to life and brings flexible new ways to climb, slide and swing into play. The architectural elements of Nirbo, with sustainable relevant and modern design styles, facilitate multiple play styles for everyone, through different levels of accessibility and ability. The educational elements provided by Nirbo are structured in such a way, as to make playing fun. Innovative Nirbo products such as Water Totter or Bucket Fun offer both an interactive as well as a fun element to the children. Nirbo aquatic, apart from offering the leading waterpark technology, offers this technology at the lowest prices in the industry.
Things to know when you’re planning a playground
The important question you should have in mind if you want to make the playground. Is it because it is a missing part of the community or is an addition to an existing recreation area? All these things will help you define your decisions throughout the process and will help you find the right partners to work with to make the playground.
It is vital to focus on the needs of the primary target and to understand the age range and the play requirements that the playground will serve. This will help you to manage budget, time and expectations in a better manner.
Another main factor in planning a playground is site planning. Knowing about the area is vital in planning decisions as well as ensuring that one is complying with the regulations.
Once you understand the costing of the playground, including the equipment, surfacing, and installation, you can start to build up a budget for the playground and can easily get funding or grants from various fundraising communities.
We, at Nirbo, understand your needs and requirements and work together with you and custom fit your plan according to your need and budget.
We believe in building play spaces designed in such a way that it addresses the needs of the whole child, the entire environment and the entire community. Our parks offer an unforgettable, safe and fun experience to the kids, where they can stay active and use their imagination as they play and explore.


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