Our Multi-Play Solutions

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Nirbo, one of the leading Spray Park Equipment manufacturing companies in Canada offers products that transform your imagination into a new dimension in water park equipment. Our dynamic products are custom designed for your water parks and apart from being at the top of the line, our products offer visual excitement as well. Our full line of water play equipment includes products ranging from slides to splash pad equipment as well as equipment with above and below ground spray park features. We are not here just to sell equipment, but to create immersive experiences to delight children and adults all over.

We manufacture Spray Park Equipment that you need for your waterpark with the quality you can trust. We specialize in waterslides, equipment for toddlers, loops, columns and multi level water play structures.

One of the aquatic playground equipment offered by Nirbo is Multi Play equipment. Our multi play equipment is made by utilizing supreme quality material and is manufactured using the best modern technology available in the market. Our multi play products are widely praised for their durability. Our multi play  aquatic playground equipment is ideal for your aquatic parks. All our equipment in the multi play range provides unlimited options to people of all age groups. Our water playground equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and offers to the customer, great value for money. Our multi play equipment has a complete range of children play equipment including slides, buckets, sprays and dozens of interactive features. Our equipment is specifically designed to provide to all the children tools for imaginative play, giving them a chance to widen their horizons. Our play structures are designed in such a way, that they provide endless opportunities for speed, excitement and adventure for kids and adults alike. Our multi play products are designed for toddlers, preschool and school age children and are equipped with world class safety features. The multi play products are designed by our engineers who are dedicated to designing world class equipment, which is creative, colorful, fun to play with and perfectly safe for children.

Nirbo offers inclusive play structures, which go beyond your typical water slides. Our structures are sophisticated and designed specifically to engage children of age groups for hours at end. The interactive elements in our multi play structures allows many children to join in on the fun at one time. Our water playground equipment is strategically designed to provide to the children, not only play and movement, but is also suitable for socialization.

Our entire product line is manufactured by using premium quality raw material such as stainless steel. Our aqua park equipment are acknowledged for their safety features, durability, sturdiness and resistance against corrosion. All our products are made using quality tested materials. Our designs are compact and attractive and are custom made according to your needs. We offer long service life, sturdy construction and are products have high strength along with giving super performance. We aim at furnishing the numerous preferences of our clients in a well-defined manner. Our highly advanced infrastructure facility keeps in mind, the ease of the customers and offers to them, water park equipment in different sizes and designs. We aim at meeting the divergent demands of the clients and increasing the overall guest satisfaction of the client.

The multi water play system has seven designs. It has water curtains, nozzles at different places, sprinkling water all across the play area. The dynamic multi play combines multiple interactive events for the children on a raised platform. Kids will be running around on our slides and will enjoy getting their feet wet and running back and forth the raised platform under the water sprayers. We are giving this multi play equipment to our customers at market leading rates.

Water fascinates kids and they can spend hours at end, absorbed in play. Playing in water has huge developmental benefits for children. Our multi play stations encourage little children to play together, learn to share and take turns. Nirbo’s multi play comes in many designs and have an appealing look that is sure to pique child’s curiosity. The multi play not only increases the fun factor while play, but also helps the children to “play together”. Multi play, as the name suggests is an aqua park equipment which can engage not one, but many children at the same time. The multi play will surely make your waterpark more appealing to the children. All the designs of multi play are popular among people who are looking for equipment for their waterpark as it provides entertainment across a wide range of age groups and genders. The multi play station is unique and attracts a lot of visitors. The multi play comes in custom themes to meet your specific needs.

Multi Play-01 is a basic design of our play equipment for multi play. It features one water slide and can be installed in any water park. Many children can queue up and take turns enjoying this ride. It is made of stainless steel and is 201″ wide, 172″ tall with a length of 260″.

Multi Play-02 is a variation of the Multi Play-01 and features two water slides on adjacent sides. It is also made of non corrosive stainless steel. It is designed to involve and entertain several kids at the same time, along with teaching them to play together in groups. It is 260″ wide, 172″ tall with a length of 287″.

Multi Play-03 is also made of the structure material stainless steel. This model has a big bucket in the middle and a kid’s water slide. It has two spinning water features on each side, which throws bursts of water on the kids from time to time. The big bucket is the main attraction of the splash pad and splashes water, once every few minutes, giving to the kids, a thrilling experience. It is 183″ wide, 227″ tall with a length of 229″.

Multi Play-04 features two slides next to each other and two water sprinkling showers on opposite sides. We make this in a fun color scheme to attract all kids. It is 281″ wide, 227″ tall with a length of 244″.

Multi Play-05 is a variation of the multi play, which offers to the children, one of the best waters sliding experiences. It has an amazing water tunnel as well as a slide on the opposite side. The water tunnel promises a thrill ride to the kids. This ride is 469” wide, 228″ tall and 526″ in length. It is made of stainless steel, with the slide being made of fiberglass, flowers and buckets of FRP and barriers of Lexan.

Multi Play-06 features a blue colored scheme and is designed in such a way that children can relax and play at the same time. It has a water slide and a base area where children can have fun underneath the two showers. It is 287″ wide, 170″ tall with a length of 201″.

Multi Play-14 offers a vast play area to the kids. It features a vertical tunnel through which the children can enter. The opposite sides have slides and it has various water sprayers to keep the children entertained. It is 238″ tall, 810″ wide and 310″ in length. It is made of stainless steel, the slide is made of fiberglass, barriers of Lexan and flowers and buckets of FRP.

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