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Nirbo is a world class leader in designing and selling commercial splash pad equipment, including themed playgrounds. Our main focus is on delivering quality and creating custom designs and site-specific modifications. We specialize in slides, water slides, theming, interactive play and providing to our customers, equipment to suit all age groups. At Nirbo, we have got all your water toy and equipment needs covered.

Toddlers don’t seek rides for thrill, wave pools and water parks when it comes to water. They just want to splash around and have fun. We focus on creating water play structures, where kids and adults, both can relax. In our specially designed splash pad equipment for toddlers, families find toddler friendly slides, spray pipes and other colorful splash park equipment that make toddlers scream, giggle and splash.

Our specially designed toddler splash pad equipment is designed, keeping in mind safety of the children and is designed in accordance with the safety and operational requirements by child safety organizations. All our splash park equipment are eco-friendly and are security oriented. They are trendy and encourage kids to play together. Our water play structures for toddlers has many distinct designs, are UV resistant, have high strength and are very durable. Our colorful splash park equipment for kids is suitable to foster curiosity and encourage imagination in the youngest of children.

Children need a nurturing environment to evolve, grow and learn. Their needs change from time to time, but the one thing that remains consistent throughout their growth journey is their desire to play. We offer the best toddler and infant water play structures that can help young children have fun and learn at the same time. We offer inclusive playground equipment for toddlers as well so that children of all abilities can play together. Our offerings encourage independent play for children and our toddler equipment is designed to meet the needs and desires of children ranging from two months to up to 3 years. Our structures appeal to children of varying personalities as they have popular themes. Our playpark equipment, along with facilitating physical fitness, encourages social and emotional growth among kids as well. Learning comes in many forms for young kids and the right kind of play atmosphere provides opportunities to the children to engage their senses and work on their motor skills and social rules. We provide the right kind of playground equipment to make your waterpark kid-friendly.

Toddler Features

Toddler features is an extensive splash pad equipment line provided by Nirbo, that offers a wide variety of equipment with spray effects, water conserving options and interactive features that are sure to increase the play value for children. The toddler features in the product line are colorful and are theme painted to draw the attention of the children and enhance the look of your water park.

All of the products we offer in our toddler range are suitable for children as small as two years old. Some of the Toddler Features designs we offer are:

Bat 03615:

This product in the shape of an animated bat has bulging yellow eyes and cute mouth for splashing water. It will surely excite the little children.

Bear with Salmon 03722:

Our bear holding the salmon is a rather interesting product in our toddler range. Children love cute and cuddly teddy bears and this product will surely appeal to children.

Bubble Fish 03612:

It is a featured product in the toddler range which is shaped like a bubble fish. The bright pink color of the fish makes it look very attractive. It can be installed in any water park or playground for children to have fun.

Clownfish 03448:

This product is shaped like a clownfish. The clownfish, with its bright and contrasting colors is sure to appeal to the toddlers. It is orange, white and black in color, with yellow eyes and the nozzle is installed in it face, which splashes water consistently.

Corals 03458: 

Corals are considered to be the most incredible creatures of marine life. The special feature of this product is its multi-directional ability to splash water from six different nozzles, placed side by side, which look very attractive when the water runs through them.

Crab 03459:

This product is inspired by another sea creature, crabs. Crabs are known to live in sea-water, fresh water and even on lands. A lot of animated cartoons feature friendly crabs; hence this product will surely attract little children.

Dolphin 03476:

This dolphin-shaped product is specifically designed to be the center of attraction for every kid in the playgrounds and parks. The playful vibe of the dolphin makes it one of the most popular sea creatures especially among children. The water splashing dolphin will surely stimulate the children’s minds.

Duck 03460:

This duck shaped product would be an eye candy for children as animated duck characters are a favorite among children and they would love to get soaked under it.

Fish 03590:

Every kid is attracted to fish, be it in aquariums, animated movies or cartoons. This fish-shaped product is an essential product in our portfolio and is sure to attract children because of their cute features and vivid colors.

Flower-01 03614:

Kids are always fascinated by the appearance of flowers. This yellow colored flower designed like a sunflower, with its face like an emoji gives it a very cute look. The water splashing from the flower is a great attraction in any water park.

Flower-02 03591:

This is another variation of flower-shaped products in our portfolio. It is red and yellow in color and splashes water at high pressure and the sight is very elegant.

Frog 03468:

This green colored animated frog shaped product has the same eyes and color of that of an animated frog. Every kid is going to love this in any themed water park or water playground.

Jellyfish 03469:

This item is shaped like a jellyfish. With its bright yellow color and a smiling face, it is sure to attract the little children.

Ladybug 03257:

This ladybug shaped product is a very special one in our product portfolio. The red and black ladybug would be a favorite playing spot for children in your themed water park or water playgrounds.

Octopus 03613:

This aquatic product, with its eight arms and happy face will give the children an idea of how an octopus looks in contrast to what they have read in books.

Penguin 03471:

The penguins are harmless birds, which can walk on the ground as well as fly. Penguins are known to be very friendly towards children and every child will surely love the animated version of the penguin in the waterpark.

Seahorse 03457:

This product with its pink and yellow color is a great rallying point in any water park.

Shark 03473:

It is a featured product inspired by the love of kids for sharks in cartoons. It is shaped like a shark and is bright blue color. We have designed this giant shark to ensure a fun environment in your themed water park or water playground.

Starfish 03474:

This product is shaped like a starfish. The fish has a high-pressure nozzle and every child is surely going to love the falling splashing water.

Train 03709:

Kids are fascinated with trains and this product is specifically designed for children who have a love for trains. It has the face of a train and the nozzle is installed in the red nose. Every kid is going to love this product.

All our toddler products are made keeping in mind, the needs and requirements of children from 2 till 12 years old. Our products are sure to appeal to all the young children and will add an element of fun in their play. So contact us today to find out how we can help set-up your water play structures.

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