How Nirbo integrates with occupational therapy?

How Nirbo integrates with occupational therapy?

An occupational therapist is the one, who enables people of all ages and abilities to live life to its fullest by promoting health and enabling people with injury, illness or disabilities to live better. The main job of an occupational therapist is to adapt the environment to fit the person. They do so by eliminating architectural barriers and adapting equipment and using play to facilitate the development of a child. They are mostly sensory integration experts and have knowledge of identifying what sensory activities to include on a playground. Pediatric occupational therapists help children develop basic sensory and motor skills like body awareness, fine motor control and organization, visual perceptual skills, ocular motor skills and sensory modulation. These skills are essential for motor development and healthy behavior in children. An expert occupational therapist can make the community examine how a child can benefit from the equipment you have selected.

Nirbo, aqua park manufacturer, is proud to address to the needs of all people, including those with neurological disabilities and also people with intellectual, cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities. Our vision is to plan a destination that unites and brings joy to all people. Our aquatic waterpark designs not only focus on making provisions for those with physical disabilities, but also focuses on other facets of development and inclusion with others. Our main aim is to maximize usability for everyone, providing challenges to everyone for personalized development of the child. Our water play equipment can help children of all abilities to become more confident at a young age.

At Nirbo, we guide you through all the essential stages of your project. Here is a list of 10 easy steps you must follow.

Step 1
Form a committee: Recruit people who have an insight about the finished project or have the skill set you need to complete your project.

Step 2
Ask Questions: You need to establish clear objectives for your project. You need to consider questions like what type of playground you need, what is the goal of your playground and what would be the number of users and the age group of people who would have access to your play space.

Step 3
Get feedback from the community: Listen and observe families at already existing waterparks or gather information from social media.

Step 4
Decide on a site: We guide you to take an inventory of all the possible playground sites and consider site preparation, space constraints and other unique features which might be an asset.

Step 5
Find a Playground Consultant: After determining all the objectives of your project, find a specialist who will help you develop your plan to meet your goals.

Step 6
Set Your Budget: When determining a budget for your project, make sure to consider costs beyond your water park equipment. Some overhead costs include shipping, installation charges, site preparation and surfacing.

Step 7
Select an aqua park manufacturer: When evaluating water park equipment manufacturers, consider the overall value of the splash park equipment, delivery time, quality and durability of the products, warranty and reputation of water park slide suppliers. Nirbo offers innovative equipment that, apart from being durable, is cost effective too. We design equipment that offers tremendous play value and is colorful, fun and aids in physical and cognitive development of children.

Step 8
Set up a timeline: You should establish a strict timeline, not only for when you want your project to be completed, but also for other phases like site preparation, equipment delivery and installation.

Step 9
Playground installation: Installation of waterpark equipment by contractors in your next step in the building your playground.

Step 10
Celebrate: You are ready for the grand opening of the waterpark of your dreams. Celebrate the successful completion of your waterpark with your community.

Nirbo has a team of veteran professional engineers, architects and designers, who are completely dedicated to planning and designing successful facilities for our clients. Our staff consists of innovative and creative professional designers. We believe in the sense of success based solely on the satisfaction of our clients. We work closely with the client, in an attempt to procure whatever is needed to make our waterpark facilities perfect for them.

We believe in planning your waterpark facility, only after fully understanding your needs and what you hope to accomplish with the facility. We keep in mind what you want the patrons of your facility to experience as well as your financial objectives. Our designs are customized to the uniqueness of the client objectives. We provide designs that help you visualize overall appearance of your water park. In addition to water playground equipment products, we offer total support services such as construction drawings, site supervision, system start up, training and more, to ensure the success of your projects. Our team of water play experts will guide you through each step of your Water park project.

We routinely performs feasibility studies to determine the feasibility of the project. These studies help to determine the type of amenities needed at the waterpark facility for the patrons, service area determination, needs for the improvement in infrastructure and probable revenues to be expected.
After planning your perfect waterpark facility, we utilize our innovative and aquatic savvy professional designers to design all of the intricate aquatic features and components that will make your waterpark complete. Our design professionals have the experience and technical skills to understand your objectives and help ensure a successful project for you. Our commitment to our clients and the success of our projects has put our services in high demand. We dedicate all our resources and skills and focus completely on your project. We understand the value and benefits of play and the importance of a good play space for biological, social, emotional and cognitive growth.

Waterpark Equipment that is fun and built to last
Nirbo offers both durable and innovative equipment to help you make a waterpark which will keep children of all ages and abilities occupied and stimulated. We tailor each space to the needs of users. With Nirbo, you can be sure that your investment is going to last. We design all our products with maximum safety and minimal maintenance in mind. Our products are ergonomically designed and comprise of rounded, tactile forms, without any entrapment risks.

Play for all
Every child has the right to play, regardless of their physical and intellectual abilities. This belief of inclusive play for all runs deep at Nirbo and is in line with the most widely supported UN convention ever, United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. The idea that everyone should be included in play is a foundation pillar in our philosophy while designing waterpark equipment. Our equipment accommodates activities that are relevant for all children and encourages play exchanges between kids, inside as well as outside the play elements. We provide equipment for ground level activities, elevated level activities and multi-level activities. This enables more open and diverse opportunities for play. Our product innovation is guided by design principles for inclusive design of the equipment. The design should be universal and accessible. It should be multi functional when possible and should be equipped with diverse play opportunities.

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