Process: How We Design Your Water Park

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Water park equipment is a new type of recreation project that has sprung up in the last decade or two. Water parks integrate both hydrophilic leisure and recreation for people of all age groups. Waterparks are always looking to invite more tourists and increase their sales, so they keep on doing continuous innovation and renewal of the water recreation facilities. It is important for companies to integrate culture as well as emotion in their water park projects, so as to increase revenues from waterparks.


Nirbo, one of the top water park equipment suppliers, has been known to build durable equipment that provides young children an opportunity to pursue excitement and release stress. We are not only the top splash pad manufacturers and water park slide suppliers, but we also make sure that our parks follow a story line and has animated cartoon elements to instigate the imagination of young minds.


At Nirbo, we incorporate cutting-edge technology in our waterpark equipment and carefully adhere to the complete set of services provided by our professional teams. Our waterpark equipment is manufactured, keeping in mind the international and domestic standards & regulations. We establish an excellent quality management system and make sure that our clients get the highest quality products and excellent service.


Since Nirbo started its water park journey, it has dedicated its resources into research, design and production of waterpark equipment and has emerged as one of the top splash pad manufacturer and water park equipment suppliers. We provide an overall solution to make your waterpark more profitable. Our rich experience in planning, designing and managing your whole project and not just providing you with equipment has made us one of the top water park equipment manufactures and theme park builders in North America.


Important Steps about Water Park Designing and Planning:


Before investing in a waterpark, it is important to determine the demand for the market, rather than blindly investing in a project. The main task of building a waterpark is to first fully understand the market capacity after comprehensively understanding customers and consumption characteristics. A waterparks’ success is determined not only by world class park equipment, but by the business finesse and leadership skills of the owner along with the park builders as well as the staff and management. Though prior knowledge in design can prove beneficial to you in running a successful waterpark, but those entering this industry can gain invaluable insight into who the target audience is, the needs and requirements of the waterpark and the revenue the park will generate with the help of the professionals at Nirbo.



A water park should follow the following steps in the water park planning and design process.


  1. Location and Scale of the Water Theme Park: The location and the scale of the waterpark should be determined by the local tourist volume, traffic and consumption level. The waterpark should be built in an area where tourists are most likely to flock with their families.


  1. Waterpark Equipment: Attention needs to be paid to the waterpark equipment due to the changing water park equipment configuration in recent years. Waterparks today are preferring to install facilities for the entertainment of the entire family, which is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. For instance, waterparks are more inclined to use large scale composite water slides instead of body contact slides.


  1. Comply with water park construction rules: It is vital for the waterparks to comply with the rules and specifications of civil construction. Waterparks must adhere to the water construction rules in order to avoid problems like sinking of the foundation, pipeline breakage, etc.


  1. Design of Water Park: While designing the water park, some key factors need to be taken into account, like the pipe network system, water supply system and the drainage system of the park, water supply and the water treatment system. Proper designing of all these elements ensure completeness and accuracy of the waterpark. The design of the waterpark should be completed before the construction.


  1. Treatment facilities: Emphasis should be laid on the treatment of waterpark facilities as it is important for the water in the waterparks to be clean in order to please and attract more visitors. It is important to invest in filtration equipment to improve the water quality, which is an urgent issue in the construction of aquatic theme parks.


Keeping in mind the above success parameters, we have built various type of products for your waterpark. Our product range consists of a number of options for you to choose from, ranging from family friendly rides to equipment for toddlers as well as young children. Our extensive range of play structures are specially designed and consist of interactive elements that engage children of all ages and abilities for hours. Our products are sure to add diversity to your waterpark. One of the products we offer in our product range is Columns.




Columns are an extensive range of water park equipment provided by Nirbo. Columns are a flexible component and are a great foundation to develop your park. These are colorful to draw the attention of little children and to enhance the appearance of your themed waterpark. They come in a variety of designs and are suitable for children as small as two years old. These colorful columns are available in durable stainless-steel Economical columns offer a variety of play activities from a single spray jet to multiple spray features.

Some of the designs we offer are as follows:

Bent Shower 03028:

The bent shower is red in color and is a great product for your waterpark. It is bent and has four nozzles, installed at different positions, from which water comes out. It is sure to capture the attention of little children and the kids will be delighted to splash around the bent shower.

Candy 03424:

This candy-shaped column is specifically designed for children and is one of our most favorite products in the column range. The bright purple color of the candy looks very beautiful and this product will surely contribute towards making your waterpark into an area which will be loved by children.
Cat Tail 03062 and Cat Tail Leaf 03232:

The cat tail and cat tail leaf are other additions in our water products portfolio. The cat tail is in the shape of the tail of a cat and has water sprouting from the top. The cat tail leaf on the other hand is shaped like a cat tail and a leaf together and has several nozzles attached to it. The cat tail leaf sprouts water at a pressure and promises to be delight for little children. Both these products will be a great addition to enhance the beauty of your waterpark area and attract kids.

Five Candies 03415:

The five candies is a must-have product in our column portfolio. It is one of the most essential products for any kids themed waterpark. It features five candies with with separate base rods. The nozzles are installed in such a way that the water coming out from each of it is directed towards the center. This product will surely be a favorite among the children.

Our column products feature other variants like hydrant, kiddie parasol, mistifier, shower spray, lollipop shower among many others. All these products are one of a kind and will add a fun element in your kids’ play. If you are looking for the top water park equipment suppliers and water park slide suppliers to  fulfil your waterpark needs, you can get in touch with our team of professionals and give us a call or drop us an e-mail and go through our portfolio to choose the best and most affordable water park equipment for your commercial waterpark or for a light commercial splash zone.


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