Safety Tips to Prevent Water Park Hazards

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Water parks today offer many rides and activities for both children and adults. Water slides, tube rides, water bucket drops, and spraying animals are a few of the most popular features in any water park and are a great source of physical and interactive activity for the children. Water park rides are propelled by gravity and do not offer any restraints or harnesses. They use water as a carrier and let the water and the gravity make you slide down the slide path. No doubt the water slides and other water park equipment provide thrilling experience to the riders, but there are a few safety precautions to be taken seriously while being on those rides.


In the early years of development and operation of the water park industry, the resources and the safety materials were almost non existent. After many trial & errors and operational adjustments, the water park industry developed knowledge on safety processes and procedures. This offered insight into the accidents that were occurring at water parks and operators began to identify the problem areas to reduce some of the serious hazards in the water parks.


The water park industry has evolved with time. Standards and regulations have to be maintained in this industry due to its changing characteristics. With new equipment and rides, come new unidentified hazards that can surface during the operation of the equipment. The testing phase can give one a glimpse into any safety gaps that the riding population may be exposed to while operating. There are a number of factors like elevated speed, losing postural control during the course of the ride, high side wall oscillations, collisions, depth of the splash pool, etc., which can increase the likelihood of injury for the rider. Following the instructions and safety rules in a water park can serve as a guideline for safety, but does not guarantee that 100% injuries will be prevented. Water flow rates, contact with other rides, contact of the body surface with the slide path and other factors can attribute to the injury of the rider.


Safety Tips:


There is no better place to relax in the scorching heat than the local water park. No one can resist the lazy waters, the adventurous slides and the splash pads at the aquatic park. One can spend the whole day lounging in the pool and enjoying the rides with their families. When one thinks about danger at any outdoor waterpark, one often thinks about normal hazards like kids getting scraped or bruised or a possible sunburn, but there are some hazards at water parks that can be very serious and sometimes even fatal.


There are a few safety tips that can make your water park experience safe.


  1. Learn to swim: The first and foremost thing anyone can do to stay safe around water is to learn to swim. Water parks must keep Coast Guard approved life jackets, and encourage using these.
  2. Never swim alone: It is important for children to be accompanied by a supervisor or an adult before going into the pool or near any water ride. Close parental supervision is very important and small children or weak swimmers should always be kept at an arm’s length. Water parks should provide benches and seating provisions near the water rides, so that parents can stay close to their children.


  1. Rules and regulations at the waterpark: Waterparks need to put up instructions in front of every ride. Rules are there for a reason, so it is important to read the rules and directions given by the lifeguards. People should be made to follow the weight and size restrictions to avoid injuries. The rides should not exceed the maximum number of riders allowed on the ride. Children should be made to follow these rules strictly.


  1. Keep the pool clean and invest in a good water treatment plant: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about 60 percent of public pools tested positive for E. Coli, a marker for fecal contamination. Ingestion of pool water can make swimmers very ill, sometimes even leading to hospitalization. Parents should teach their kids never to drink pool water. Children should be taken for bathroom breaks at least everyone hour. Swimming diapers should be checked often, and everyone should take a shower before going into the pool. Water parks should make sure that the water is cleaned regularly to avoid water borne diseases among people using the pool or the water rides.


Nirbo has been in the water park business for many years and is dedicated to the manufacturing the best and the safest aqua park equipment and water slide equipment to match your budget, without compromising on quality and fun. At Nirbo, we offer you the ability to create the water play destination of your dreams and help you customize your installation package to fit all your needs. We are a leader in aquatic playground equipment and spray park design and provide sustainable solution for the creation of new and imaginative water play experiences.


We focus on designing equipment which does not rust and is safe for children of all age groups. We utilize both stainless steel and fiberglass in designing our equipment and our equipment provides a safe, inclusive and sensory rich play experience for children of all age groups. We use the latest technology to ensure that all our products are eco-friendly and harmless. One of the products in our portfolio is Loops, which is very safe for play by toddlers as little as two years old to children up to 12 years old. These products are not only appealing to look at, but are perfectly safe for water play among children. Be sure to enforce safety rules in your waterpark while children enjoy Nirbo’s creations.


Bear Loop 03714:

This spray loop is designed in the shape of a bear and is configured with misting sprays. The giant bear attached to the top of the loop makes this product more appealing to the children and it surely would be an amazing addition to your splash pad.

Fire Truck 03686:

This water loop has a loop in the center of a red fire truck. It can be installed as a gateway of mists and sprays in any themed water park!

Four Loops 03513:

As the name suggests, this product comes with four loops next to each other. It comes in a variety of colors and has several nozzles installed in each loop from which the mist comes out. It can be a great addition to your water playground or water-theme park!

Frog 03122 and Frog-02 03306:
These two variations of the frog loops is inspired by the amphibian frog. Children are known to love stories and tales about princesses and frogs. The frog loops, with varying sizes and big bulging eyes are sure to add excitement in the water play for children. Several nozzles installed in the loop are sure to soak any one running through!

Liquid Arch 03089:

Another addition in your amusement park can be the Liquid Arch. The reddish maroon arch looks very mesmerizing, and it can be installed as a gateway for children.

Nirbo is a dealer in aqua park equipment and is focused on designing interactive water slide equipment and aquatic playground equipment that encourage kids to experience water in unique and safe ways. Our years of experience has made us a pioneer in the water park industry and has made us valuable partners in all of our clients’ water park projects. At Nirbo, we guide you to keep your play environment in good condition and help you discover and prevent water park hazards and accidents. Contact us to gain further information.


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