Spray Park Equipment: Water Features

Spray Park Equipment: Water Features

There are two types of spray park water features:
1- In Ground
2- Above Ground
Both structures could be built from several materials, Stainless Steel and Fiberglass or PVC Plastic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. PVC Plastic is a low cost solution and it is usually used and suitable for residential spray park applications. Fiberglass is a commercial material but it is preferred where vandalism is not an issue. Fiberglass is used in fenced, closed, security patrolled theme parks where there is not a possibility of vandalism. Whereas stainless steel is very durable and highly resistant to vandalism, therefore it is the preferred material for municipal spray park applications, which are not fenced and open to public any time of the year. Another consideration should be given to mounting style of above ground structures.

There are two types:
1- Surface Mounted
a) With Jig
b) Direct Concrete Mount
2- Embedded

Spray Park Equipment: Surface Mounted

Surface mounted structures are mounted to concrete surface with the help of a jig that is embedded in to concrete or directly bolted to concrete; Nirbo offers both options of surface mounting. These structures can be removed from spray park any time with a few bolts. Advantages are, features can be relocated and repaired off site. This is a highly recommended option; your spray park equipment will last much longer because of offsite maintenance options.

Spray Park Equipment: Embedded

Embedded structures are lower cost compared to Surface Mounted Structures but are permanently embedded in concrete. Disadvantages are they can’t be removed from site without breaking concrete, therefore maintenance options are limited.

Spray Park Equipment: Nozzles

Nozzle material should be either brass or stainless steel. Plastic based materials are not very durable, and they create lots of problems especially when a plastic nozzle is used with a metal structure, this is an issue because thermal expansion properties of plastic compared to metals. Plastic expands several times more than metals, and when they are maintained during hot summer days, nozzles might stick in its housing. We recommend using metal nozzles.

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