Water equipment inspired by children’s imagination

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It is every child’s dream to find themselves in a world surrounded by candy and treats, animated animals and birds. The vibrant colours they inspire are sure to capture any child’s imagination. Imagine the colourful and the vibrant world come to life in the form of water park equipment. Everyone wants to raise kids who have critical thinking skills and creative problem solving abilities. Imagination not only fosters cognitive and social development, but also builds socio-emotional development by allowing little kids to contemplate different resolutions. It is important to nurture children’s imaginations as it helps in boosting their confidence.

Early childhood is the best time to nurture the imagination of children. Kids should be offered encouragement for their creativity and imagination. Imagination building can happen by reading together with the children, doing art and crafts or even on the playground. Playing at the playground or in a water park allows children not just to have fun, but also helps them to use their imagination and practice creativity. Imagination is the ability to form a make belief scenario or a picture in mind, something which one has not experienced before and it is the ability to think of new things. Children are born with a vivid imagination. There are times when parents and adults deliberately or unknowingly stifle children’s imaginations, concerned that children do not understand the distinction between real and pretend. But there are many benefits of pretend play for the development of children. So, in play mode, it is unimportant if children lose sight of the distinction between real or pretend.

Creative Thinking

Imagination offers a multitude of wonderful development and learning opportunities to children. During imaginative play, children learn to think out of the box and manipulate materials, express themselves, act, react and try different roles. On the playground, great learning opportunities are made available to the children when they participate in creative play with blocks, in the sand, climb monkey bars or splash around in the water park. There is a strong link between physical activity and learning. At Nirbo, we help to design aquatic parks, where children can not only run around, play and splash about in the water, but also provide equipment which offers a wealth of social emotional and cognitive learning opportunities to children. While designing amusement park equipment for children, we let our own imaginations take off and design the equipment with a lot of fun designs, creative shapes and animated characters to suit your themed water park. We know that children like to play amongst an assortment of sweets and candies in different colours, shapes and sizes and they want to be surrounded by animated creatures from their favourite story tales or movies, hence we make sure that we design our products in such a way to gather children’s imagination. Our splash park equipment like columns, buckets, activators, ingrounds, sample parks etc., employ creative thinking in children along with giving them an opportunity to have fun to their heart’s content. We believe in extending learning to the playground.

Water parks are one of the best places for children to meet other kids and play games with them. They learn strategic thinking, teamwork, learn to co-operate and share with other kids.  Nurturing imagination in this digital age is a tough thing for parents and teachers. Hence children should be encouraged to participate in activities that make them use their bodies as well use their five senses. Themed water parks with interesting animals from your children’s favourite stories provoke imaginative and creative thinking in an effective way that help children to express their ideas and share their vision with others.

Nirbo Sample Parks:

Nirbo is a leader in water play manufacturing and our experience in custom fabrication for aquatic industry has made us lead the way in the creation of unique splash pad features that sets our products apart from the rest of the manufacturers. We are the top water park equipment suppliers and provide sophisticated and sustainable play products to ensure that we offer optimum water park solutions to the market in the USA and Canada. Our spray park products benefit not only children, but adults as well and aim to provide an exhilarating environment for all to cool off and have fun with their families. Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from our aquatic park equipment. Our team of experts aims at creating a personal and efficient experience while developing a site specific water park solution. We are there to drive your project and will guide and support you throughout the entire process from concept to completion. Our goal as one of the top water park equipment suppliers is to provide you the best products and services. We offer a vast range of products in our catalogue. Sample parks consist of a number of products from our vast range of aqua park equipment which can work for any kind of aquatic theme park. Sample parks are designed specially keeping in mind the imagination of children. They consist of beautiful and vibrant columns, ingrounds, buckets, along with other water park equipment that will surely attract the attention of little children. Some of the sample parks are given below:

Sample Park 20 19001-20:

This is a sample park in our product portfolio which consists of a small sized splash pad. The splash pad has several inground products in various shapes and colors which gives it a very vibrant look. It also has an activator installed in it. This sample park is suitable for any small sized themed water park or water playground. The sample park has all the equipment to make your themed water park a fun experience for children.

Sample Park 12 19001-12:

This sample park has a square-shaped splash pad. It has several inground products in various shapes and structures. It has medium sized splash pad as well. The kids can get soaked and have the best time. This can be an excellent addition to any themed water park or water playground.

Sample Park 16 19001-16:

Presenting another sample park in our product portfolio, this one has a small sized splash pad which has several inground products. It differs from other sample parks in a way that it includes the popular and featured Liquid Tarantula. It also has three tumbling buckets which makes it more popular than the other ones.

Sample Park 22 19001-22:

This sample park is suitable for big water parks. It has a large splash pad and it can cover a wide area in the themed water park or water playground. It has several fun products installed in different designs. It has three liquid arches, one ground spray, one ground mister, and the famous water station.  It will definitely ensure that children have a gala time in your aquatic park.

Sample Park 10 19001-10:

Added with more features, this sample park has a medium sized splash pad. It has several creative and fun providing products installed in it. It features ground sprays, ground mister, shower leaf, two tumbling buckets and a number of other innovative products which are configured with nozzles to soak all the children in the themed water park or water playground.

Sample Park 05 19001-05:

This is another creative sample park in our product portfolio. It has a medium sized splash pad with a number of innovative products installed. It features three tumbling buckets, umbrella, candy, water dome and several ground misters and sprays to ensure a fun environment for all the children in your water playground.

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