Water Park facilities in Holiday Resorts

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Waterpark holiday resorts are places where one can swim, splash, play and stay at any time of the year. Resort vacations are a great idea to bond with the family. Holiday resorts provide opportunities like great shopping, dining, entertainment options for everyone, all under one roof. Holiday resorts with water park amenities offer everything for a fun filled splashing time with the family. Along with having fun on the rides, slides and in the pool, one can later relax in their rooms or suites after a long day of play. These resorts with aquatic facilities are a great idea for the young as well as for the young at heart. Water park resorts offer plenty of features and exciting water activities to ensure that your vacation is full of splashing fun under the sun.

Whether one is looking for thrilling rides, twisting slides, spraying fountains, water activities or looking to soak up in the lazy river, water park resorts offer thrilling adventures and exciting recreational activities for the whole family. Water park resorts offer playful aquatic fun for children and adults of all ages.

Why are inn proprietors adding Water park facilities to their current hotel?

Many hotel owners are considering adding water park facilities to their current hotels to boost their market power and to increase the revenue of their property. Research shows that hotels which add waterparks to their properties, achieve maximum benefit with the addition of aquatic amenities. Water parks can be beneficial to many hotel properties, which have the potential to attract people during weekends, vacations and school breaks. Families visiting a hotel with water park facilities will surely spend more time at the hotel property and utilize other outlets of the property like the spa department, gift shop, restaurants or the arcade.

To justify the capital cost of adding an indoor waterpark, resort owners need to analyze the incremental return which the addition would achieve. Before considering the addition of water park facilities, a resort proprietor needs to analyze the following factors:

  1. Which are the months or seasons, when the hotel property achieves its highest occupancy rates and which month, or week is the slowest?
  2. Are the visitor rooms at the property big enough for a large family to occupy when visiting the waterpark?
  3. Does the property have ample land to build a waterpark which can be connected to the hotel?
  4. Does the hotel property have additional space for the expansion of the waterpark at a later point?
  5. Is the control crew at the hotel capable of implementing a waterpark addition at the property along with handling the major change in operation?
  6. What is the number of waterparks currently in the market and how many are proposed?
  7. Will any demand segment be negatively impacted if a larger number of families and children are in the hotel?

Indoor Waterparks at hotels:

Resorts usually have big gaps in their business from season to season hence they find it difficult to pay annual expenses with a short peak season. Indoor waterpark facilities at these resorts are a great way to extend their peak season from three months to 365 days. Indoor waterparks at resorts are ideal for families with children as they can spend the entire at the resort. Hotels with indoor waterparks are usually booked all throughout the year. Sometimes, bad weather can result in trips and vacations being cancelled. However, with indoor waterparks, weather is no longer a risk factor as one can relax and splash in the water without worrying about the weather outside. One can enjoy attractions like waterslides, wave pools, lazy river and at the end of the day, can retreat to their suite or room.

Resort destinations like ski resorts, beach and lake resorts are excellent locations for indoor hotel waterparks. Hotels with waterparks achieve higher occupancy than hotels without water park amenities. As waterpark resorts have higher room rates and higher revenues as compared to traditional hotels,


they generate higher returns compared to costs. The investor should understand the source of funds, the use of funds and the distribution of funds before determining whether opening a hotel waterpark is a good investment.

Nirbo is one of the best manufacturers of splash pad equipment, waterpark ground sprays, waterpark activity towers and water slide equipment. We offer durable and safe waterpark equipment to help you build a waterpark in your holiday resort. Our equipment is ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor waterparks. We provide services to help you build the waterpark of your dreams and help you give your clients a chance to refuel without interrupting a good time. Nirbo is pleased to offer you fun and unique splash pad equipment and waterslide equipment for commercial waterparks or indoor and outdoor waterparks for holiday resorts. Our equipment is manufactured with the highest quality materials at the hands of skilled craftsmen. We focus on designing interactive aquatic water playground products that help provide a sensory rich and inclusive play experience in water to children of all ages. From columns and loops to dumping buckets, we offer a vast variety of waterpark ground sprays and waterpark activity towers to suit the waterpark needs for your holiday resort. Nirbo offers versatility by being a unique water play design company that utilizes both stainless steel and fiberglass material in their products. At Nirbo, we manufacture equipment for your hotel’s waterpark and help you design and build a unique water play area. We also manufacture a full line of product called Buckets. Buckets can be added to your splash pad at your holiday resort or your waterpark and are sure to attract the attention of little children at your waterpark. Dumping buckets can be a wonderful addition to your hotel waterpark. They are small in size and are easy to install. Waiting for the buckets to fill and then topple over to guests below is always a delight to watch. These buckets are small in size and just take about 10 to 15 seconds to fill and 2 to 5 seconds to unload its fury like a torrential downpour. These buckets are among the best equipment to add to your splash pad as it is not only fun to watch, but fun to stand under it and wait for that instant shower. We recommend the buckets because of its high demand in the waterpark industry. Some of the products that we offer in our bucket range are as follows:

Bucket Stream Flag 03311:

This product is a creative addition to our portfolio. It has an innovative design with a red bucket and a blue flag at the top. It has nozzles installed in a row which looks like a water curtain when water flows through them. This product will surely attract children towards it.

Five Mix 03206:

This is an amazing variation in our portfolio. It has two buckets, blue and red in color, along with multiple nozzles, giving it a mesmerizing look. It can be a great addition to your water park or aquatic playground to attract the attention of children.

Five Tumbling Buckets 03082:

This is another one of our creative designed products and has five buckets in tumbling positions. There are two green buckets, two red buckets and a blue one on opposite sides, hung on a yellow pole. The tilted dumping buckets are sure to attract the little kids, when water flows through these.

Liquid Bucket 03362:

This is a simple, yet very innovative product in our portfolio. It has a yellow curvy pole with a red bucket at the top. The nozzle is installed in the tilted bucket from which water flows in the downward direction. Children would love to play with water flowing from the bucket and have fun in the splashing water.

Water Wheel Flower 03357:

The water wheel flower is a combination of a water wheel and a purple flower. It is one of the best products in our bucket range. It gives a very unique appearance when water runs through it. The wheel sprays water in the downward direction, while the flower directs the water sideways. It is a suitable item for your themed waterpark.

If you are looking to get a small playpark for your resort or hotel, please contact us today at info@nirbo.com.


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