Water park risk management issues and how to avoid them

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Splash pads and water parks are a great way to make hotels or resorts appealing to guests and to offer something exciting to children and families during their school break or on the weekends. Although the popularity and fun quotient of water parks and splash pads is high, but each water facility has its risks. Hence, there are certain management issues which owners and operators of splash pads need to consider. Splash pads are comparatively safer than water parks as they have less risky installations, there is no deep water and children do not require life jackets to enjoy the water features.

Water parks take necessary precautions to protect the guests and themselves, but poor spray park management can expose water park owners to serious risk. The management should develop, post and enforce standard rules of water play and safety and should maintain safety and first aid equipment. Water park management needs to consider some points to minimize the risk factor for guests.

  1. Choosing the right equipment: Usually park owners and managers are not thorough in choosing the play equipment. The design of the equipment should be such that it has minimum pinch points, protrusions and other injury causing elements. The safety of the equipment should be a priority and the equipment should be made of non-skid materials with less electrical conductivity and heat reflection. Nirbo is one of the leading water park slide suppliers and water slide manufacturers that builds world class equipment, such as, water park ground sprays, and creates layouts to address all aspects of your operations to create an optimal experience for you.
  2. Treating the Recirculated Water supply: Although utility costs are cut down to a great extent by recirculating the water, but care must be taken to properly treat the recirculated water. Highly resistant bacteria like E.Coli takes many passes through the treatment to completely clean the water, so investing in good water treatment plants should be a priority for water park owners.

How can water park operators avoid liability?

Waterparks offer adventurous and action-packed rides to the visitors. When visiting a water park, people expect to relax and have a fun filled day with their loved ones. Gravity defying slides, wave pools, swinging from great heights into the water, etc., may sound like fun rides, but can sometimes be dangerous and might result in people getting hurt. As the number of people visiting the water park has grown to a great number, so has the number of injuries from accidents at these facilities. Slip and fall injuries are fairly common as guests spend the whole day walking on wet and slippery surfaces in the water park. Other hazards in water parks are defects in water park equipment, lifeguard error, and guests not abiding by weight and height restrictions. With accidents, come lawsuits and although most of the courts are fair to water park operators and are less likely to decide a case against the water park recreational facility, if they believe that the facility has taken reasonable precautions to reduce the risk of injury, certain steps and reasonable precautions must be taken to make the water facility safe for the guests. People who participate in water activities are at a risk of being injured and when such an incident happens, they usually sue the water park facility on grounds that the water activity or the equipment was not safe. It is up to the operator to take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of injury for the customers. The waterpark must post warning signs including risks of each rides, should properly train park employees and attraction operators. They should maintain all equipment and should regularly examine and inspect all the equipment. Some practices by which a water park operator can avoid liability are given below:

  1. Training: It is very important for the ride operators or the lifeguard to be properly trained in getting the customers ready to ride, to recognize problems that may arise and to tackle the problems when need arises. The employees should be trained at the beginning about all the safe operating procedures that can cause potential injury. This training should be done under another trained and experienced employee and the employees should be taught how to deal with problems with rides and what to do in case of a mishap or injury. A certified company dealing in safe operation of recreational facilities for special staff training gives the impression that the operator is responsible and is qualified to train its staff in safety procedures.
  2. Periodic monitoring of staff: It is important for a supervisor or a manager to monitor operations to ensure that the personnel trained to perform their duties are doing them and are not sitting idle and texting or checking social media. The supervisor needs to keep a check on their employees and make sure that they are checking if the customers are of proper weight, age or height and are wearing proper clothing and footwear. Periodic training reinforces training and the supervisor can inform to then management what messages are not going through to the employees.
  3. Keep a detailed record: In case of an accident, it is important for the manager to identify, interview and record the names and detailed experiences of eyewitnesses. If possible, one should get from the injured person, an account of what happened. Incident reports are critical and can be used as evidence in case of a lawsuit. Photographs of the scene where the incident has occurred, should also be taken soon after the incident. Also, surveillance video should be preserved. The operation of the attraction should be checked soon after the incident for any malfunctions and any broken part, if any, must be taken out of operation and preserved.
  4. Use liability waivers: Liability waives are used in limited circumstances but can be used as a useful tool. A liability waiver should make use of plain language and should be worded very clearly. It should have terminologies, which can easily be understood by the person signing the waiver.


Even though water parks present dangers, but they can provide a fun filled day if rules are followed and owners take necessary precautions and reasonable safety measures. The risk of injury is significantly reduced if waterpark owners maintain the water park properly and use high quality equipment. Nirbo is one of North America’s water park slide suppliers and water slide manufacturers that plans, designs , manufactures and installs water park equipment, such as, water park ground sprays. We use environment friendly and durable equipment products, suitable for all kinds of water park environments. As a leading water park designer in North America, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest advancements and quality construction in design of water parks. We believe in creating a true partnership between our clients and ourselves and design and build your project around your needs and requirements. We provide water park equipment, which is not only good to look at, but also high-quality products at a competitive price. Our professional and skilled team is responsible for producing top quality equipment for our clients. Feel free to contact us or get in touch with our team for all your water park equipment needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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