Water Play Structures: A Need for any Water Park

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Amusement industry is one of the most respected professions in today’s times. People in the attraction or amusement industry bring joy and happiness to people who are tied up in their mundane life. Amusement parks and water parks are visited by people who want to relax with their family and friends. Apart from that, amusement industry brings people of large volumes together and is responsible for helping culturally diverse communities come together for celebration and fun. Water parks provide leisure opportunities for everyone, regardless of their age, ability or income. As most of the children today are confined to a monotonous and less receptive theoretical academic curriculum, extra curricular activities help to inculcate in children, team spirit, discipline, patience and tolerance.

There are several features in a water park that make it an exciting experience for everybody. Attractions like water slides, wave pools, splash pads, kids zone and lazy rivers make for an exciting time at the water park. Water rides like slides and other multi level adventure rides entice people to spend their day at water parks. There is a special area in water parks, consisting of splash pads and toddler water features, that is devoted entirely to little children. Wave pools are swimming pools that have artificially generated big waves, giving the impression of an ocean. Splash pads for kids is a recreation area where children can splash about and have a great time getting splashed with sprayers or animal shaped towers. Lazy river is also a quintessential feature found in many water parks. People can softly sway while lazing around in their floats and rafts in the shallow water. The water flows with a slow current and one can admire the artificial waterfalls created at the edge of the lazy river. If you wish to construct a big water park and are looking to add these elements that are sure to make your water park as enjoyable as it should be, you should hire the services of one of the biggest children’s water play equipment and spray park equipment manufacturer in North America, Nirbo.

Water Play structures: A necessity for any water park

Aquatic parks are a universally accepted source of unleashing the inner child in everybody and is a place which allows everyone to rejoice regardless of their age. Water parks give families an opportunity to reinvigorate their body and mind. Water parks, today, are more than just slides. There are many features that add to the overall fun quotient of a water park. Water play structures redefine leisure and are making water parks much more fun to be at. While slides just provide excitement and fun for a few moments, water play structures allow the visitors to spend much more time on them. Water play structures are a great way for families to spend quality time together and keep children occupied for hours. Play structures are equipped with fun elements that combine all the favorite park features like slides, spray and splash features into a single fun filled water playground.

It is a task for spray park equipment designers to create not only attractive visually appealing, but safe water play structures, that allow for an enjoyable aquatic play experience. We, at Nirbo, are proud to achieve a unique combination of elements that go into making a successful play structure. We invite you to create fun, your way. We provide an interactive environment to children, where they are free to move and play actively. Nirbo offers a product line called Structures, which consists of a wide variety of products which will be a great addition to your water park. Our aquatic play structures are designed to adapt to any environment. Structures are elegantly designed and are manufactured using superior quality raw materials. Owing to neat finishing, easy installation and low maintenance requirements, our proposed range of structures is widely popular among our customers. Our product line consists of structures with components like curtains, sprinklers, etc., that can enhance the fun quotient of any park and is suitable for kids of ages two and up.

Nirbo has a forte in designing and theming unique aquatic play structures. Our experience in customizing themes as per the client’s requirements gives us an upper hand as opposed to others in the industry. We, at Nirbo, bring your water park to life with our sophisticated and specially designed play Structures that offer fun for all members of your family. Our bright and colorful play elements add another level of excitement and energy to any aquatic facility. Some of the products in our structure range are as follows:

Ammonia Molecule 03588:

This product looks like an ammonia molecule and has a yellow rod with purple balls. It is designed so that children can learn more about science and elements, while having fun. Each ball has a nozzle for showering water. It can be installed in any themed water park to enhance its beauty and make water play more fun.

Camera 03596-03:

Children admire and love the photographic equipment, and this product is in the shape of a camera. It is designed in such a way to make children recognize everyday items with a little innovation. It has a nozzle installed in its lens from which water showers in the downwards direction.

Cloud-01 03491 and Cloud-02 03497:

These two structures are blue in color. The first cloud shaped structure has a cloud shaped structure between two rods. Several nozzles are installed in the cloud from which water splashes in the downwards direction. The other variant of cloud-01 has a medium height and a cloud shaped structure attached to the end of the rod. The cloud gives the appearance of falling rain and can grab the attention of every kid. Get it for any water park and playground to ensure ultimate water fun for all.

Daisy-02 03492 and Double Lily 03490:

Every kid is attracted to beautiful flowers. The Daisy-02 is shaped like the daisy flower and has a beautiful color scheme. A nozzle is installed in each flower from which water sprays in different directions. The Double Lily has a red and a yellow lily, each installed with a nozzle with multiple water sprays on the sideways. Install it in your water park along with other products to give a mesmerizing look to it.

Fort 03586:

It is a unique and innovative product, shaped like a medium sized fort, designed for themed water parks. Multiple nozzles are installed in the ground which shower the water stream upwards from the ground level. Kids can enter this fort and splash around in the water.

Nirbo Structures are the perfect solution to a complete water area for the kids. You can select from our wide variety of high-quality splash pad equipment and children’s water play equipment to create a custom designed spray park that your patrons will love. Our splash pad equipment comes with a variety of interactive aqua features, ranging from low, medium to high level water displays. We are proud to provide creative and interactive concepts and designs to provide top quality products, which are unique in design to all others. You can browse through our collection of aquatic playground equipment to find a perfect fit for your project.

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