What makes Nirbo an Playground Equipment Manufacturer of Choice in the Industry?

What makes Nirbo an Playground Equipment Manufacturer of Choice in the Industry?

Nirbo is a leading aqua park manufacturer and is focused on designing interactive equipment and aquatic play products that encourage both kids and adults to experience water in unique ways. Our extensive experience in the recreation industry and our knowledge with aquatic play areas, along with our engineering, designing and manufacturing capabilities, make us a valuable partner on all of our clients’ aquatic equipment projects. We, at Nirbo, are always coming up with new and innovative water play equipment with the latest of play features. Our latest products, apart from fitting all your requirements, add a higher element of design to your waterpark. Our contemporary structures are inclusive in their design and structure and aim to encourage children to experience water in new ways through game-based events and innovative activities based on cause and effect.

At Nirbo, we have a variety of colorful, above ground spray features and columns made of stainless steel, which makes the water equipment all the more durable. If you want to add a theme to your water park, our engineers will work with our planners and help design exactly what you need for your facility. We are not only passionate about our area of expertise, our designs for water parks and aquatic equipment, but aim at using our knowledge and our ability to impact the lives of children and people beyond just quality products. We want to build a legacy beyond our design and equipment and strive to create playgrounds that matter. We apply our design and innovation in creating for you a new water play experience.
Our ground sprays, blasters and columns are one of the most economical in the industry and offer a number of play activities, ranging from single spray jets to multiple jet features.

The way we make our Play Equipment Age Appropriate

Our engineers help you design a water playground that ensures a fun and memorable experience, while also keeping it safe and comfortable for users. We create water play zones, which are age appropriate. Our play zones consist of equipment which custom fits all age groups, ranging from a toddler to an adult. Our play areas are zoned so as to provide fun while keeping it safe for the whole family.

Connection between physical activity and academic success

According to Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” With the rapid progress in technology and advancement in learning systems, E-learning has replaced books and lectures, which has resulted in the modern generation being hooked on to their computers and smartphones. Opportunities for physical activities have decreased across schools all over the world. Physical activity is of utmost importance for children as well as youth, as one receives numerous health benefits from it, including improved fitness, better metabolic rate and improved cardiovascular function. There have been a couple of studies in the recent years which confirm that the more the activity or exercise a child gets, the more success he or she will have in the classroom. Children, who spent more time engaging in playing outdoors performed better in school and scored higher in their tests. Children, nowadays, are using technology more than ever, and are spending less time outdoors. Less of physical activity can be very unhealthy for children. Playing outdoors will not only help them stay physically fit, but will also make them more creative and increase their attention and problem solving skills. Encouraging outdoor play for children is very important, but how do you get your children away from tablets & gadgets and onto playgrounds?

Creating a natural environment: We try to add to the design’s aesthetic by integrating foliage, trees, shrubs in the plan of the parks. Hence, our waterparks, surrounded by nature, are more appealing to the children.

Providing fun outdoor options: Fun outdoor options to play, like parks, jungle gyms and water parks, can tempt even the most reluctant child to leave laptops & gadgets, and get out and enjoy with his or her friends. Waterparks are one of the most enjoyable places for children to be in. Waterparks designed by us are inclusive in their design and aim at making your day out with your family or friends even more fun. We add natural elements in our parks to make them more attractive and comfortable for children and their families.

Children and Water Play

We encourage children to play outdoor as much as possible, be it playing in a playground or a waterpark. Playing outdoors, provides to the children, hours of fun and a multitude of learning opportunities. Water play has a very prominent role in giving to your child a great early start to learn through full on hands play. Water is a wonderful play resource that children can explore in their own ways. Water creates a sensory experience for children. Water play involves three out of eight sensory categories, namely auditory (from hearing the splashes), visual (from seeing different shapes and movement of water) and tactile (from feeling water on the skin). Children benefit from sensory activities like water play to relieve stress and develop healthy coping skills.

Benefits of Water play:

1.Helps to release anxiety: Water play can be both calming as well as invigorating for children. Playing and running around in water proves to be an excellent outlet for pent up energy in children.

2. Helps to heal emotionally: Playing around in water does not have to be loud and busy, but it can be an activity, where children are quietly absorbed. Children can benefit a lot from the relaxing nature of scooping and running their hands through water and can lose themselves in the physical repetition of water play.

3. Helps to develop motor skills in children: Playing in the water helps develop gross and fine motor skills across children of all age groups. Apart from that, hand & eye coordination is refined, and at the same time water play helps in development of muscle strength. Kicking, splashing and sweeping around in the water acts as a great way to develop core strength and coordination across kids of all age groups.

4. Helps to develop social skills in children: Playing together in water parks gives children an opportunity to develop their social skills. As they share the physical space and play together in the water, they learn to enjoy with each other and take turns. From playing along other children, they learn teamwork and competitive skills. This helps in developing social skills in children, which is essential for building friendships in the future.

5. Helps stimulate creativity and imagination: Playing in the water can provide children, valuable play experiences to develop their creativity and imagination. The water equipment designed by the engineers at Nirbo aims to stimulate the young mind’s discovery in new ways.

6. Helps promote cognitive development: Water play offers a lot of opportunities to question, explore and experiment. Each water-based activity offers the potential to develop learning in a lot of exciting and fun ways.

At Nirbo, we bring your aquatic playground to life. We help you visualize your splash park equipment design and help you with budget planning for a playground or a water park. Our water park equipment provides a sensory rich and an inclusive play experience in water for children of all age groups and abilities.

About Us: Nirbo is a water park slide suppliers and water park equipment manufacturers based out of Toronto catering to the North American market since 2006

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