Why Nirbo Blasters are talk of the town?

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Why Nirbo Blasters are talk of the town?


Nirbo offers fun, colorful and aquatic waterpark equipment that is manufactured with the highest quality materials. Our water park products are sure to get your children unplugged from their gadgets and outside to have a blast with their friends and families. Nirbo is one of North America’s most renowned water slide manufacturers. We apply our design and innovation for the creation of imaginative and novel water experience for everyone. We can bring your theme park to life with all our splash park equipment and provide a sustainable solution that enables unlimited hours of innovative activity without excessive consumption of water.

From toddler features and multi play to blasters, our interactive and inclusive splash park equipment encourage children to experience water in unique ways. All our equipment adds hands on play for children of all ages and provides to them a sensory rich and nature play experience in water. We offer versatility in our water play design and utilize both stainless steel and fiberglass materials in our splash pad equipment.


We not only provide interactive splash pad equipment and help construct aquatic play environments, but also our sales team of water play experts guide you through each step of building a waterpark of your dreams. To ensure a successful and easy project, we not only help you visualize the design of your park, but also provide a cost analysis that will help you plan our budget. We help you design age appropriate water play zones that ensure a fun and safe experience for the whole family.





Blasters is a category of water park equipment offered by Nirbo, which is equipped with a vast variety of colorful and theme painted equipment and is made mostly of steel. Blasters offer a variety of play activities for children. The attractive water park equipment surely grabs the attention of children. Some of the designs we offer in our blaster range are:


Bear Blaster 03534:

Children love teddy bears and this water blaster product, with the face of a bear, is an absolute delight for little children. Kids can swing the blaster from left to right and soak each other with water. This product is ideal for any themed waterpark.

Bear-02 Blaster 03639:

The Bear-02 Blaster is a variation of the bear blaster. The bear with its friendly face and cute eyes will draw the interest of little kids. Children would surely love to swing around and blast their friends with water with this version of the bear blaster.


Blaster Double Axis 03260:

This is another featured product in our portfolio. As the name suggests, this blaster has a double axis, which means it can be rotated on both sides, i.e., up and down as well as left and right, making it easier for the children to target each other with splashing water. The bright red color of this product makes it one of the most appealing and interesting products in our blaster range.

Buck Shot 03010:

The buck shot can be a very useful addition to any themed water park for children. Its bright yellow color will surely appeal to little children and swinging it from left to right will provide incessant fun to anyone who is being blasted with the water blaster.

Candy Blaster 03160:

Kids love candies and this variation of blaster with its bright blue color and round shape looks like the children’s’ favorite treat and hence the name. The nozzle, made of brass is installed in the upper half and showers water with pressure like that of a hose. Installing it in any water park will ensure that your kids will have a fun time.

Cat Blaster 03533:

Cats are one of the friendliest pet animals and are loved by most children. This version of the blaster shaped like a cat gives off a friendly vibe and children would surely love to swing this from side to side and blast water coming out from its cute face.

Cat-02 Blaster 03641:

This variation of the cat blaster is flat faced and has a cute nose and naughty eyes. It will surely draw children who love cats and the kids are sure to have some amazing water splashing fun around it.

Cow Blaster 03642:

The cow blaster, with its bright and delightful color scheme will be a favorite in your animal themed waterpark. This animated cow, with water sprouting from its mouth will be a delight for little kids.

Deer Blaster 03695:

It is another featured product in our portfolio with the face of a playful and friendly deer. The water nozzle is installed in its cute nose which splashes water with high pressure. It can be installed in any water park to attract children.

Dog Blaster 03643:

Children love pet dogs and this variation of the blaster has the cute face of a puppy dog with innocent eyes. This blaster is ideal for your waterpark and will surely provide to the kids an interactive and fun filled play experience.

Fox Blaster 03644:

This fox-faced blaster is designed keeping in mind, the love of children for animated fox characters. The brown box, with a blue mouth is movable and kids can have immense fun by taking control of the splashing water.

Lion Blaster 03496:

This blaster is shaped like a lion, the king of the jungle. Children love to listen to the tales of lion’s bravery. The water blasting from the nose of the lion will provide to the children great sense of adventure and thrill.

Lion-02 Blaster-02 03704:

This variation of lion blaster has the face of an animated lion. It has a high pressure nozzle from which water blast out at a pressure, making it a fun equipment for the children to play with.

Monkey Blaster 03696:

The monkey blaster has been inspired by the naughty monkey. Kids are attracted by the mischiefs and pranks of monkeys, be it in cartoons, zoos or movies. This blaster will surely provide a playful atmosphere for your children to play around in.

Mouse Blaster 03028:

This product in our portfolio looks like a mouse. The nozzle is installed in its cute nose and children can blast water and soak their friends with high pressure water and have a good time.

Owl Blaster 03698:

Another addition in our portfolio is the blaster with the face of an owl face. Getting it installed in water playgrounds will surely attract little kids who would love to see water sprouting out from its cute face.

Panda Blaster 03697:

The panda is one of the cutest and most friendly animals. The panda blaster is blue in color and has black patches on its face. Kids can take control of the water direction while spraying water on each other.

Penguin Blaster 03700:

This design of the penguin blaster is inspired by the cute penguin characters in cartoons. Children love these water and land birds. The water blasting from the cute beak of the penguin will surely draw the attention of little children.

Rabbit Blaster 03703:

Rabbits or bunnies are one of the most favorite animals for children and this animal is a center of attraction for all the little kids. The rabbit shaped blaster is designed keeping in mind the love of children for bunnies.

Nirbo offers the best and affordable water park equipment for your commercial waterpark or for a light commercial splash zone. Find your favorite water play equipment to suit your waterpark’s needs in our gallery and give us a call or drop us a note about your project. Nirbo, the trusted water slide manufacturers of the USA and Canada.

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